I recognise that every woman is a unique individual with her own complex mix of experiences, personality, neuro-wiring in her brain, range of emotions, history since childhood, physical make-up of her body, patterns of thinking and behaving, phase of life, social connections, cultural environment and spiritual beliefs. We use our bodies, minds and intuition to make sense of the world and the experiences we have both good and bad. I don’t believe that one counselling theory can help every client in all situations. So I am qualified as an Integrative Counsellor which enables me to combine different approaches to counselling, different therapeutic tools and different elements from more than one theory to suit the individual needs of each woman I work with.

Integrative Counselling takes into account many views of human functioning and is flexible and responsive so if we need to stop and try a different way of working, we can rather than rigidly sticking to one way of working even when it doesn’t suit you or isn’t making any change. For example if you are a creative and visual person we can include art, guided-visualisation and journaling; if you are an analytical thinker we could try CBT worksheets and recommended reading or if you are a very physical person we could explore body reaction and movement.

You decide how often you would like us to meet whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly and at the start we usually agree an initial number of sessions depending on what you are coming to counselling for. This is very flexible and if you decide at any time that you don’t want to continue we will end our sessions and if you find you want more sessions we can agree more dates to meet.

We can meet at one of the venues I work from in Wiltshire, Bath and Frome, or we can meet for Walk & Talk Therapy if you prefer being outdoors, either walking or finding a place to sit and talk.  You may find sitting indoors makes you fidgety or find it easier to talk and process emotions when you are moving. I have trained in Walk & Talk Therapy and Ecotherapy and this can be a preferred way to engage with counselling if you enjoy being outside in the open space of the natural world.

We can be really flexible in how we work together and if you wanted to mix face-to-face counselling with some video link sessions, email communication, Live Chat or phone counselling then I am really happy to do whatever works for you.

Your wellbeing is my main concern and if I am unable to offer you the counselling and support you require, I can suggest ways for you find alternative counsellors or sources of help.

What my clients say…

“Thank you so much for everything.  This time last year I didn’t think anything in life was possible….Thank you for believing in me….I am a survivor no longer a victim”

“Thank you for being my space to grow.”

“My guilt and the rock in my chest has gone…you have helped me do what I never thought possible…I cannot thank you enough for the work we have done.”

“Thank you for standing by my side and making me feel safe to face the past.”

“You will never ever know how much your help has been appreciated….after ringing all the known places for help and nothing was forthcoming.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Thank you for every bit of support you have offered me…from the very first email I wrote to you sobbing my heart out not knowing where to turn.”